What happened to the web?

16 Oct 2018

From the perspective of designers, the web has moved from agricultural to paradise and now to well-bridled conformity. Why is this, and is anybody better off as a result?  VIEW

Korean silk cloths

20 Jul 2018

A simple pointer for packaging design gained unexpectedly from a museum visit.  VIEW


20 Apr 2017

The value of being ‘on the ground’, Japanese style.   VIEW


20 Jul 2016

A (self-indulgent) look at some connections between design and jazz.  VIEW

What makes me like Lindsay Fox?

12 Apr 2016

The nature of the design business and the remaining pleasure over technical aspects of my work see me enjoy ‘Lindsay Fox’ moments every now and again. Actually, quite often. VIEW

How much strategy?

22 Jul 2015

Clearly, investing 200 hours of time into a strategy for a small and short-term project might be out of proportion, as might be the converse situation of not enough strategy for a major project. But the good news is the activities behind the thinking can be varied to suit, and flex according to scope – the variables are those of breadth and depth. VIEW

What is design?

22 Jul 2015

Then there is the act or process of designing. This, in a way, is a considerably more interesting notion of design, for it represents how we think, collaborate, conceive, consider and deliver – it is our minds at work combined in a judicious and creative way. VIEW

Do I look worried?

22 Jul 2015

An article about the changing dynamics of on-line (global) creative service provision.  VIEW