20 Apr 2017

As a marketing vehicle, this website is a long term carrier of information and is, by current necessity, rather formal. Therefore, most of what gets posted is intended to remain in place for the lifecycle of the site – which is typically 5+ years in the case of my company, which is pretty good going. So it’s different to the more etherial nature of social media such as Twitter, Facebook* and Instagram, none of which have proper archival expectations. 

And so it is that I update the site across periods of six months or even more, mostly to coincide with the completion of new projects that need profiling. Recently I came to the CMS to make an update and noticed a number of unfinished articles – in fact they were barely started. At first glance I thought I should taken them down, but then I realised it's probably ok to have thoughts started and promises made, even if they have not reached the completed state of fulfilment, so I will leave them there if only to let people know what I am thinking about. 

It it procrastination? Not really – because I find myself doing other constructive activities as a substitute. And is a website these days the best place to collect such thoughts and writings? Maybe not – my LinkedIn account might serve this better. But it does suit me to locate these pieces for the long term, rather than risk them becoming buried in an archive. 

So, watch this space and the collection will become more complete. Eventually. :) 

Note (*) I do use Facebook for a regular and more chatty kind of news and update for the company: